Renault Zero

It’s the Batmobile of EVs! A hyper-stylistic step forward for the Renault brand, this electric vehicle promises to usher in the future with class, cool, and environmental consciousness. Rivaling the Tesla in EV innovation and sustainability, the Renault Future EV has the appearance of a cobra about to strike – fierce and rounded, with fun features like fan blade rims. It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s the Renault Future EV. 

Designer: Yang Min-seok


  • I really like these designs. I just don’t understand the need to slap some random brand name on them if the designer is not affiliated with the brands in question (also talking about the other designs on the Tumblr page linked above).

    Something else to consider: how much market is there for electric sports cars? What makes this car different from all the others? Design a good looking sedan, the market for sedans is much larger than for sports cars.

  • name says:

    this probably is the outcome of a university project which are normally associated with a brand.

  • yang min-seok says:

    this project is renault internship project in korea design studio.

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