Always Fit The Plug

There are two things noteworthy regarding the Flex Tab, one is that it features a gliding rail kinda system that allows you to move the plug sockets on the tab. And the other is that it accommodates any configuration of plugs together. Shape and size of the plug is really not an issue! Very clever!

Designer: Yuljae Lee


  • parviz armand says:

    If and where are these available ? I’d like to
    purchase these if possible. Please give me some
    clues. Thanks

  • Nol says:

    Simple and effective, just not too sure about how safety around sliders would work… But the turn/push-concept looks brilliant.

  • parviz armand says:

    Dear Nol,
    Nice to hear your view to this.
    I can’t find a contact address to send an
    e-mail inquiry to YANKO DESIGN and ask them
    if they could help finding where I could place
    an order for this item. Do you have an e-mail
    contact address for YANKO ? THANKS

  • suresh says:

    this was already there

  • parviz armand says:

    I really don’t get it. What do you exactly mean by …….” this was already there ” ??

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