Digital Era Gets Funky And Retro

If you are seeking some cutting-edge retro designs that are updated with the latest tech, then the Lit by Bonzart and Ampel Tilt-Shift Twin Lens Digital Camera, are two models that you should be looking at. Quite simply put, the two cameras have the endearing emotional connect from yesteryears and prove some amazing quality pictures. Let’s find out more….

Available At: AC Gears [ Buy it Here ]

The Lit by Bonzart is a fun toy camera with simple operation that makes it easy for you to take high quality pictures and video wherever they go. To notch it up, you can add special effects in real time. Specs include built in LCD screen, 3 Megapixel lens with Image quality: Super fine, fine, normal.

Bonzart Ampel Tilt-Shift Twin Lens Digital Camera has the power of tilt-shifting! This digital camera has the capability of taking amazing photos and HD videos with its twin lenses. It features five different color settings from standard, black and white, sepia, vivid, to a “fuji-film” like green called REF.

The top-down LCD screen in its twin reflex body looks great and it lets you see your subject before and after the shot. Set your shutter speed, take HD videos with sound or choose your desire frame rate! Specs include a 5 Megapixels 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor.