Compost Dustbin?

Here’s the thing, you know you have to recycle waste, and many of us go through the motions, but there’s a percentage that finds excuses for not doing so. With the Braun Envi urban dustbin, you are actually doing your bit by “promoting composting from biodegradable waste.” Basically when you toss your apple core into this bin, bio-reactive substances based on photo catalysis start doing their job and rehashes the trash as compost. The substances also remove odors and speed up the process. The idea is to use these huge bins in public spaces, where people can drop their biodegradable trash, and the compost be collected and used later on.

I love the greens on the side.

Main materials used in constructing the bin: stainless steel, aluminum, glass, polypropylene, polyethylene.

Just two questions:

  • What happens if someone drops in the wrong stuff? Will it affect the compost? Can it include a process to sort out the rejects?
  • Altho the idea is sound, how many cities will actually adopt such bins?

The floor is open designers…let’s debate!

Designers: Julien Bergignat, Cecilia Jia & Johnny Chen

Braun Envi – Urban Dustbin Composter by Julien Bergignat, Cecilia Jia & Johnny Chen