Very Clear, It’s Blood

With the IBB Blood Transfusion Packs there will be no room for error while administering blood to those who need it. The packaging makes it almost impossible for you to make a mistake, because the letters A, B, or O appear prominently when the bag is filled with blood. Every part of the bags except the letters is translucent and this is what makes it distinctive.

IBB Blood Transfusion Packs is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Lee Hye Jung, Kim Byung Soo, Chae Ju Eun & Kim Bo Mi


  • anomdebus says:

    Seems to me they could denote rh positive/negative by switching the transparent/opaque areas of the bag. (ie: clear letter = positive, opaque letter = negative)

  • Andrew says:

    Using them won’t be mistaken, but how would one know if the blood put in that bag was correct? I can see the Red Cross worker tired after a long day and picking up the next bag on the table – not necessarily the correct Letter for the donor.

    This could be a good idea for a print out. Not quite the same effect, but a nice big Letter +/- and the barcode

  • greg says:

    Better idea: make the bags exactly identical and print the letter and rhesus on a sticker…oh, it already exists?

  • James says:

    As one of the other users has pointed out, a much better solution is identical bags with individual stickers. This means you don’t have to manufacture lots of different bag types and then hunt for the right one – just grab any bag and print the sticker as necessary. I can’t imagine that this is solving any problems at all, given the rigour with which the blood samples will have been tested before they are given to somebody else. Looks good in a render – bad design.

  • SBB says:

    Ridiculous. The people hanging the blood do not have the same understanding of compatibility as those who actually work in the transfusion medicine lab. The bags shown do not have required labeling as defined by the FDA. There is no way this was designed by anyone who has spent even 5 minutes in a Blood Bank. Has no practical use.

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