Living Light Bulbs

Already being used as a large-scale power source for housing heating/cooling & biodiesel creation, algae as a natural energy source is one of the more exciting alternatives of the near future. The AlgaeBulb is an exploration into the use of the organisms on a micro-scale in single LED lightbulb that harnesses the green-power of algae. Using a small air pump compressor, tank, and hydrophobic material, it creates just enough electricity to power the LED for limited durations. Hit the jump to see how it works!

Designer: Gyula Bodonyi


  • Rev Dr Ellen says:

    What powers the tiny pump?!?

  • Gyula Bodonyi says:

    it works from electrical network as a similar light bulb, while generating oxygen too.
    That’s my original description:
    AlgaeBulb is some kind of oxygen generator which uses natural and high tech components too. The head part contains a LED lamp and a little air pump. This pump compress the air into the algae tank covered with a hidrophobic material, that keeps the fluidic content in the tank and let the air flow free. The cover of the tank is a matte translucent policarbonat shell that leads the LED’s light through the body and luminates both the alge and the interior where it’s placed in.

  • Gyula Bodonyi says:

    Both the pump, and the LED light powered by the electrical network! As an average light bulb.

  • Ian Turner says:

    So it does not generate power from the algae – merely O2? Is that correct?

  • Gyula Bodonyi says:

    Yes it is! My goal was to create something that makes the indoor air quality better. This is the cause why it has an E27 socket on the top! Its a light bulb..basically. 🙂

  • John says:

    This is awesome, working in an oxygen-rich office would be so much more productive.

  • stf says:

    Hey, Gyula,
    could you tell me how can I get one of those?

  • Gyula Bodonyi says:

    Unfortunately it’s just a conception now… But I hope, I find someone who can help me to make Algaebulb to a working product. If I’ll be lucky, maybe once, you can get one.

  • Ybom Fugue says:

    Hey Gyula, what about commercial rod style units?

  • Sebastian says:

    Hi Gyula, would you let me know when your product becomes widely available? I know so many people who would love to own at least one of those. Thank you, regards.

  • Gyula Bodonyi says:

    Unfortunately now, I’m not able to turn this design to product, by many causes, but someday hopefully I will have the background. :/

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