Embracing the New Age with Tablechair!

I am not called “Tablechair,” silly human. I am Polyether foam, leather, and European Oak. With these elements combined, I am the SwiTCh! Yes, I am both a table and a chair. I am two bits of pure Belgian craftspersonship and I come in some beautiful assortment of colors. Look to me for your entire living room collection. …Unless of course you want a couch; I am not a couch quite yet.

Bless The Maker, Ellen Ectors, this description is going to feel so good:

SwiTCh is a new concept in design. It is a chair and a table, a relaxing seat and a small working place in one. It switches instantly and effortlessly. Encompassing the timeless geometries of both a cube and a sphere SwiTCh is formal and playful. The balance of contrasts yet proving highest comfort for sitting, working and playing. Ergonomic aspects of the ball improve the posture, provide energy, and help stay alert. SwiTCh is 100% Belgian. Completely handmade.

Want me? I know you do. I am two things at once.

Designer: Ellen Ectors


  • Haha nice one. We should put a drunk lad on that ball and count the seconds he is able to stay on top of it…

    • JEN says:

      i agree with the “design fail” comment.

      it’s ugly, looks uncomfortable, clunky, and the stiching makes it look like a giant sports ball.


  • Henrique Staino says:

    Whats the problem with this design?
    I like it! I just think the ball should have a flat surface to prevent it from rolling too easily.

  • Carl says:


  • Eric says:

    I agree I think it’s cool, if you don’t like ball seats then don’t buy one. If anyone complains about that… A sorry lot indeed.

  • Jehanzeb says:

    If you look at it, you can put it in two ways, with curves up or down, both ways its a nice design. I like it.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    i think the curve is suppoced t be facing down, to make it easier to change from table to chair.

  • brady says:

    If nothing else, it promotes good posture, right? Personally, I am not a huge fan of the overall design aesthetic, but think it’s an interesting idea to say the least.

  • KwangErn says:

    Am concerned about the weight of the cube. If one would to lean back on it while sitting on the ball, would it just slide off? Looks a (tiny) bit unpractical…

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Well maybe this is not for watching a simpsons marathon.. hehe

  • great idea i like it

  • Hanbitz says:

    Ha! Good way to relax or burn a few extra calories off while trying multitask on balancing and doing whatever it is you need to do on the table. Fab!

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