Freshen up your plants and garden with these designs!

With pollution rising at newly alarming rates, indoor plants have been scientifically proven to purify the air naturally while adding a spark of liveliness to your home. In fact, Nasa did a Clean Air Study with results that said in addition to absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen through photosynthesis, certain common indoor plants may also provide a natural way of removing toxic agents from the air around us. While you go about adding some greenery to your space, we have curated a list of planters for you to choose from. So get inspired, innovate and go green with your choice of planter designs!

The BouquetPOT packaging by Niangui Cai becomes a make-shift pot for your flowers.

The Oasis Multifunctional Table & Planter by Pei-Ju Wu 

The Brot by Benditas Studio is a lamp and planter combined into one slick, terracotta package

Aeva Hydroponic Systems by Conner Tidd & Kevin Jakiela for Inertia 

Nebl by Studio Rem is a series of planters encapsulated in frosted glass for Gejst Design 

Robert Planters by Estudio Floga 

Helen Kontouris’ Botanical Planter Screens provide a sense natural visual separation to indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

GROWTH, an origami-based, shape-shifting planter by Studio Ayaskan

Concrescence Concrete Planters by Vako Darjania 

Muuch Rhombus Modular Flowerpot by Estudio Floga 

Tako Planters by Fasa Desk Accessories 

Triflora Hanging Planters by Umbra