When a hip wireless charger met this space-conscious air purifier

We may perceive the air within our homes to be clean and healthy, but sometimes it is anything but that, and as a result it could have a negative impact on our health. Whilst this is avoidable through the use of purifiers, this solution often comes in a space-intruding form that takes up valuable room in places where every square-inch counts!

The Desktop Air Purifier offers a compact alternative to the larger units we are now familiar with; as its name would suggest, the device neatly sits on a desk or side-table where its presence is considerate the valuable space that surrounds it. Its functionality doesn’t end at being an air purifier, packed into the compact design is also a wireless charger which can be used to charge any of your supported devices! All of this has been contained within a beautifully simple form where friendly curves and considerate finishes lead to a device that sits comfortably within the domestic environment.

Designer: Zhao Hu