The Eggstractor

I’m totally trademarking that name BTW! Separating egg whites from the yolk can take some serious skill! That is… unless you have this modern whisk by Ivan Zhang. By slightly modifying the shape with a circular indention, the whisk catches the yolk, allowing the white to drip down. The whisk can then be used as normal to beat the eggs or stir your mixture. It makes separating effortless and better yet, keeps your hands clean of egg goo!

Designer: Ivan Zhang


  • The name “eggstractor” has been taken, I used it on a product I designed and this lead to my client discovering the owner of the trademark.

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Interesting idea!

    But I would have to learn to break eggs one handed, or make sure the whisk is very well placed, so it wouldn’t fall or roll when I’m trying to put the egg in?

  • Bozza says:

    Its really not that hard to separate an egg……

  • Mac says:

    It’s cute and it’d be a fun conversation piece, but I’m not sure how useful it is. One of the first things I learned how to do in the kitchen was separate an egg.

  • DORA-T says:

    We just use a plastic bottle to sick yolk in.Compress the bottle and make the bottle neck close to yolk,then loosen your fingers.U will get them separated easily

  • morgan says:

    this is a neat idea but it’s design for the sake of design. it is most certainly not hard to separate a yolk from a white. if my brute of a 6 year old nephew can do it without a tool, you can too.

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