This squishy jellyfish-inspired push pin design is a stationery that stings gently!

We love stationery design and especially cute ones inspired by animals! Medusa is a jellyfish-shaped push pin that moves like the actual jellyfish when pushed into the board, this one is gentler.

The designer has made this push pin soft and translucent just like the real ones in the ocean. It’s also slightly colored to give it a fluid visual effect. The CMF and the simple movement of the pin work together to make Medusa a functional yet realistic ode to the marine marvel. The tentacles of the pushpin also serve as a way to keep your fingers safe from stray pointy pins. If this pin falls and rolls under a table, your stray fingers will encounter the squishy silicone tentacles only.

The design comes in only one color as of now, but I can imagine a variety of colors to keep mystical creatures floating across your cork board to keep things alive and interesting. Who wouldn’t like to have a box of these!

Designer: Minjuan Yao for Fabio Verdelli Design Studio