Pebble This, Pebble That

What you’re about to experience right now is a little piece of electronic device called the “Pebble.” It is a simple new take on the keychain car opener based not on buttons, but on sliding. You’ll be sliding all around the town when you find how fun and simple and strangely sensual it is to use the Pebble. It’s stylish. You’ll understand how to use it in basically 5 seconds, and it’ll never be set off in your pocket by accident…?

We’ll see about that. If there’s anyone that can prove an object deficient by having it in my pocket for a few weeks, it’s yours truly. No digital camera has it’s logos or instructional markings on it when I’m through with it. My wallet, which originally had all the colors of the rainbow on it (it’s still cute!) is now basically green-gray. Let’s get this little Pebble in there and see how long it takes to go off, unlocking my doors right before I get out of range, rendering my lovely car helpless to the thieves and scoundrels of the world!

On the other hand, it does look to work pretty slick. And I am always in love with new ways to activate or work with things, especially when they’re an ergonomic improvement over past models.

Try’er out!

This whole project and all the images are copyright Cross Electronics.

Designers: Joongho Choi & Hyunsoo Choi


Pebble by Joongho Choi