The Sound Of Music

The Sound From Wind is hands down the most innovative if not frivolous bicycle accessory to date. What you get are a pair of flutes that attach to either sides of the handle bar. As you ride you bike, air rushes thru chambers producing sounds similar to an ocarina. You manipulate those sounds by pressing keys on both flutes and if you want a fuller, richer sound – ride faster!

This is brilliant for two reasons. One, I’ve always loved the sound of a flute or ocarina. Two, I’ve always wanted to move with my own soundtrack. This somewhat brings me closer to my dreams of living out my musical fantasies. And while I’m at it, might as well add beads to the spokes, neon blinkers front and rear, and a bell to complete the fully pimped out look.

Designer: Joseph Kim


  • TH says:

    Brilliant! Combine this with a designer version of the good old clothes peg + piece of cardboard between spokes and you have the most annoying ride of the neighbourhood.

  • Thank you so much for introducing our design^^

  • p says:

    if i saw somebody riding a bike with these while i was in a car, i’d hit them. not because i’m a malicious person, but because they’d probably be too busy trying to make interesting music to pay attention to the route.

    Not completely dismissing it, but perhaps it would be better branded towards kids. I just can’t see adults buying this. cool idea though! that’s also one hell of a model.

  • Shiella says:

    Maybe this bycicle will be better to be used in calm village…So, we can enjoy the view while listening the flute sound…

  • Thank you so much for introducing our design^^

  • hankukil says:


  • ssony says:

    it’s so great~!!!!! two thumb up~!!!

  • amanullah says:

    very smarty

  • ephemeral says:

    está increíble.
    a pesar de que estoy deacuerdo con el hecho de que esto quita algo de concentración, creo que en un camino calmado, un entorno natural y tranquilo esto vendría muy bien…..
    después de un tiempo de práctica se volvería mecánico, lo que ya no quitaría la concentración.
    está increíble, me encantó.

  • zippyflounder says:

    nothing to worry about here, non functional (unless said bike is going 60mph or better) do the math or better yet build a proto….nice pics though

  • tarak says:

    hmm its good idea,

    I would like to suggest something. it would be much better to use the center bar between the seat & the hendle for the same purpose. i think the bar can be design like a flute.
    However, it is important to consider wind velocity .

  • m says:

    님꺼 졸 잼남……
    같이 일하는 프랑스 디자이너애랑 졸 웃었삼.
    솔직히 아래 화분통 보다 잼나는것 같삼…..
    즐디자인 하삼…….

  • zeS says:

    주디자이너의 활약이 눈부십니다.

  • jin_woo_han says:

    작동되는 프로토타입인가요?

  • yongzhan says:

    good idea

  • tozxx says:

    不错 !自行车在中国应该很有市场! 来中国吧 !欢迎您!!2008.08.08.

  • Eponymous says:

    This is probably a stupid question, but what if you stuck these on one of the quieter electric motorcycles or scooters? That would deal with the speed problem mentioned above.

  • Pottsc says:

    It would be interesting to incorporate this design into a wind vane or wind sculpture. The wind scoop design is fantastic. Was your initial mock up made with digatal printing ? I’ve made some sound sculptures in the past using piano wire, but your design has put me on a different track. Thank You !

  • 齐烟 says:


  • 齐烟 says:


  • Dave says:

    I give it one thumb up, not two.
    But, that’s only because I have one arm.

  • creative says:

    cool! creative thinking!

  • WOHO! says:

    Nice idea
    Cool Shape
    Good Design

    Keep going!!

  • shejizhu says:

    away from perfect

  • Google says:

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