Little Land Rover

The super compact CliQ concept is a futuristic look into the Land Rover brand’s inevitable need to design smaller EVs if it wants to hang in for the long haul. Designed with modularity in mind, the CliQ’s primary feature is a “remixable” exterior of body slices (yes, slices) that make it possible for drivers to easily change up the aesthetic of the vehicle on a whim. The aim was to create a vehicle that’s not only clean running, but has a long and evolving lifespan to further reduce it’s overall carbon footprint.

Designer: Thomas Gilbert


  • MDesigns says:

    If this is the future, I hate it. The tire noise alone would drive me insane.

  • Dosidal says:

    If you ever read this, don’t listen to the guy before me.

    I like everything you have done here, the sketches and renders are top quality, and I’ve even looked through your other portfolio stuff which is equally impressive.

    For a final degree project you have done amazingly well, I never had enough time or quality to do something like this in my final year at University!

    I’m sure you’re going to go really far in your design field and you’ll be snapped up in no time.

  • Beric says:

    Nice,wonder how the tires will work? Are they using inflatable tires?

  • Wonderwheel says:

    So cool and cute. Has this really been produced for the public’s consumption. I want to purchase one.

  • Rover says:

    Although I am not a fan of small class utility vehicles, I would maybe prefer this little rover in the future just to take me away from the crowded roads. The roof could be easily fitted with solar panels. The design suggests it would be a very light vehicle in its class. Having also a slim engine, the solar energy, absorbed and stocked would be enough for the city traveling and day by day activity. The body panels must have been made of aluminum composite reinforced with medium elasticity polyurethane.

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