Top 100 Electrolux Design Lab 2013 Entries Announced

From more than 1700 entries this year, Electrolux Design Lab has shortlisted 100 entries. The submissions encompass 3D printing technology, wearable appliance accessories, concepts that reflect our memories and highlight our senses, new integrated solutions as well as smart technology in social cooking solutions. All of the 100 Entries are hungry for your VOTE, so that they can move to Stage 3.

Stage 3 is when the list narrows down and only fifty odd entries will be further asked to refine their projects and tweak them. Stage 4 will see only 20 best entries making it to the cut and from here eight finalists will be selected. To know what happens in Stage 2, please head here.


The public can also vote for their favorite concepts. The public voting is open now and will be open until 12th May 23:59 CET. All submissions are here. Yanko Design has selected some of our favorite entries, good luck you people; we look forward to meeting you at the finals!