Friday Giveaway: Kisses CD Rest Hamper by DesignK

Life doesn’t need to be complicated with eccentric gadgets, sometimes a simple Kiss will do! Sweet Kisses for your CD in a special hamper of 4 Kisses CD Rest is what ONE lucky winner will get. Simply tell me which frequently used CD will pucker up on your Kiss CD Rest, and if I’m impressed with your choice, you’ll win this 4 Kiss-set special!

More on DesignK’s Kiss

Kiss is CD rest which can hold your frequently used CDs. It prevents scratching that could happen as a result of leaving a CD on the desk or work surface. The piece doubles up as a desk accessory (paper weight) if not used as a CD rest.

Kisses CD Rest is also available on the YD Store.

Contest Closes: 2nd May, 2010; 11:50 pm PST Contest Closed


Kisses Compact Disk Rest is available for $17.50 @ YD Store