Yanko Design Curates TouchOfModern

TouchOfModern is a design portal that features daily sales and empowers the users to discover great designers from around the world, at a fraction of the retail price. It is The Hub to discover something unexpected from around the globe, while you sit in the comfort of your home. The designs showcased are handpicked selections of top-brand and modern design and so when TouchOfModern asked us to curate their collection, we got super excited!

Before we get started, here are some of the details that we found interesting and you should know.

  • While the selections of designs showcased are handpicked creations of top-brands, sold daily on the site from around the world, the team is also open to supporting talented budding designers and showcasing their products.
  • TouchOfModern brings modern design and modern gadgetry, exclusively for their members. Yes, you need to list as a member first. But for YD readers, you only need to click here.
  • Members discover new products everyday and are offered exclusive discounts that range from 25% to 70%
  • We had the felling of flipping through a modern design magazine and were tempted to pick up some of the really cool stuff – and we did!
  • The biggest USP according to us is that TouchOfModern does not sell retailers’ excess inventory, so this means members get to review and buy new, in-style items only.
  • TouchOfModern’s design team constantly keep updating the product line so that you always have a chance to buy one-of-a-kinds, limited edition items crafted by artisans with a story.

Watch UNO24 by Botta Design

Brass rosewood iPhone Case by EXOvault

Watch Tres Automatic by Botta Design

Clam Bowl by Auerhahn

Cognac Glasses by Normann Copenhagen

Watch Clavius, Black Leather 549000 by Botta Design

Lounge Living Bowl by WMF

Tarantula Spider Table by Michael Wilson

Kyoto Lamp by Michael Wilson

Silver Aluminum and Wood iPhone Case by EXOvault