A classic revisited


There are various methods of conceptual designing and brand aesthetics that go into creating timeless pieces of automotive design. And while it may be hard to create something with the wow factor on a 4-wheeler, it’s even more difficult when it comes to 2-wheelers. There is little to no body surface to work with, and the engine alone can end up dictating the shape/aesthetics alone and you just have generally less space to work with.

What’s truly special is when a bike manufacturer can use these constraints, manipulate them and create a gorgeous aesthetic around the engine itself. This has been the case for Honda since the Dream D-Type – exposing the engine for all its magnificent raw mechanical beauty. The guys down at NCT Motorcycles of Austria have paid homage to that exact raw beauty with their interpretation of the 1978 Honda CX500, which they have christened ‘Highflyer.’ Stripped back, and discarding everything that had little to no use, NCT did a teardown and rebuild of what can only be described as a speed demon. To add further to the speedy appeal, the final touches were a simple paint job – a fresh coat of black covering the mechanics, a silver coat spread across the tank and then finished with a classic blue and red stripe. A masterpiece.

Designers: Honda & NCT Motorcycles