Roll and R1de

The futuristic R1 (Roller 1) concept vehicle was designed for the not-so-distant 2030s and aims to shed light on what might be expected from urban vehicles of the future. Powered by hydrogen fuel-cell technology, the R1 moves on 4 spherical wheels capable of cross-directional movement, making it ideal for parking, changing lanes, or turning on a dime. The small size of the hydrogen power plant provides more cockpit space on a lightweight chassis and also makes its low profile possible.

Designer: Nicholas Evans


  • Christopher says:

    Ok, so I just don’t get this. This is not a vehicle, it is a cool shape. At least you should pay lip service to such piddling details as where do the people go. Waving a wand and saying that in the future some smart person will solve all of the physical issues to make my cool shape into something useful does not forward the cause of this design. Perhaps a better description is: “Oh look, isn’t this cool & imagine how much neater it would be if it did something.”

  • Osama says:

    what an ugly design!

  • mif991 says:

    Just another toy design…

  • James says:

    I dont think you quite understand the idea of a concept.

  • dp says:

    There isn’t even a cool shape… actually there is nothing here… Why is this posted as a concept? Zero sensitivity to the surface, zero regard for ergonomics, zero regard to packaging or safety – this model would take less than an hour to whip up and should be used as a study or sketch model – not a final concept. The ‘idea’ that this is better for parking disregards the fact that to actually put people in this would leave a footprint larger than cars of today. We may as well be posting foamcore fishbone models. It’s a start of an idea – but spend some more time on it please!

  • I was trying to restrain myself from commenting on this, but I just can’t…

    “The small size of the hydrogen power plant…” – What power plant? Are there designs? And work done to get that power plant to actually fit in that pointy box he designed or was writing it would have a small hydrogen power plant all he did?

    Those unidirectional wheels are old news. I’ve seen them in quite a few movies already. How would you get power through those wheels to the ground? How would the suspension work?

    Cockpit space? Where? How?

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