Inventive DIYer creates Star Wars Speeder bike from hoverboard parts

James Bruton, who’s a former toy designer turned into a DIYer of robotics and gadgets, stops at nothing once his imagination is let loose. Using modern technologies and his profound skills, the successful YouTube’er has created unique contraptions that’ll get you going anytime.

For his latest creation Star Wars is the inspiration for James, as he goes on to turn hoverboard parts into a side-riding Star Wars speeder. The build tests the builder’s aptitude, as the final creation is in fact a result of an improvised DIY of his previous make, the omni-wheel bike.

Designer: James Bruton

Getting started off, the omni-wheel bike made out of hoverboard parts intended to be a sideways mover – 90 degrees relative to the rider. The balancing act is done by the hoverboard’s sensors, but the problem lies in the sideways movement at such a large scale. Controlling the bike was a nightmare, so James took a new approach and turned it into a completely different DIY.

That’s where the idea of creating a Star Wars Speeder came to be, as the bike upgraded with jet thrusters was born. The initial idea of using the hoverboard’s sensors and motors to actuate the movement didn’t work out well, so the next best solution came in the form of a conventional handlebar. This enables the speeder not only to effortlessly go left and right, but also tilt sideways.

The handlebar also comes with a throttle to control the jet thruster speed, since they spin at a very fast rate. Once the movement was streamlined using the Arduino controller, it was time to drape the inventive ride in Star Wars theme. The only thing missing – or should I say, untweaked – is the inability to get the powerful thrusters to propel the bike from a standstill. It actually needs the good old push!