Spacecraft Carrier

The MKS-1 SLS concept was designed primarily as a launch-support for space rockets & suborbital vehicles, helping them reach their destination by first carrying them closer to the edge of our atmosphere. Adaptable guide-rails above the fuselage are configurable to a variety of different payloads, including pods for space tourism. Together, 11 next-gen engines, 8 ultra high-bypass turbofan engines, & 3 engines with adaptive versatile engine technology ensure precious cargo safely arrives at an altitude of 50k feet before 2nd launch.

The MKS-1 SLS would have an auto-generator electric energy system from heat energy conversion and from combustion of liquefied natural gas (also used for turbofan engines mixed with conventional combustible) to keep the avionic systems and the rocket’s combustible temperature in optimal conditions. It also would have a “hyper-lift” mechanical system to create a dynamic air flow controlled by a fly-by-wire system and on-board computers to prevent a possible stall situation.
The MKS is also built with advanced composite materials such as carbon laminate, carbon sandwich, activated carbon, aluminum, and titanium that are stress and fatigue resistant. Where it counts, low density sections on the exterior of the plane have extra capacity to resist the highest temperatures.

Designer: Oscar Viñals


  • phrancis says:

    Most high lift high altitude planes have very long thin wingspans – think standard air liners, B-52, or U2 spyplane (SR71 was built purely for speed and altitude). No need for second delta main wing. Seems like all those drop tanks and under wing protrusions are unnecessary as it doesn’t need to fly long distances to launch a rocket. Several types of engines seems like overkill and possibly drag inducing when some aren’t being used at full capacity. Perhaps the twin vertical stabilizers should be further apart for a safer air-launch of different rockets. And why does the big cockpit look like the White Knight combined with an old Russian seaplane? Sorry for the rant. I’m an aerospace enthusiast…

  • phrancis says:

    Oh and nicer renderings btw, but don’t go nuts on the lense flares. Was that Alias?

  • stephen russell says:

    Love this, mass produce this & your other shuttles for US & EU use alone.
    Id fly in one anyday
    Radical shapes.
    Need models for air shows & desktop displays TOO

  • Christopher says:

    This does not seem very streamlined – there’s a lot of junk stuck on the outside.

  • Larss says:

    Oscar, I love the vision about the future of space development that you have, but… have you thought maybe, make concepts of other vehicles? future trains, boats, cars …think about it! folow the great masters like Jules Verne, envisioned countless innovations years before their time, including the submarine, space travel, terrestrial flight and deep-sea exploration. Diversify your concepts!

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