Forever A Smart Camera

Using the design based on a new technology for the next generation of Samsung digital imaging line, the SC1 (Smart Camera 1) focuses on providing the quality of mirror-less cameras, while using the smart technology of smartphones via detachable dual display technology. Users can expect great results thanks to the photography experience through the use of the dual display.

  • Through Bluetooth connection with a smartphone, the SC1 is fun to use.
  • The applications available give the professionals an extra benefit in photography.
  • The modernized control dials with aluminum body casing presents a very high tech look.
  • Use of simple yet effective rubber grips on the front and backside of the camera provide a steady grip without interfering with the overall trendy aesthetics.
  • The dual screen can be used to access more detailed menus quickly and easily. The left display can be used as a quick access area, while the main display can be used to purely display the beautiful images that the camera can capture.
  • When the display is detached, it can be used for various purposes like map navigation, remote control, and photo review/display.
  • The single ability to detach the secondary display opens up a whole new possibility of features that can be used for providing users with more options to capture beautiful photographs.

Designer: Rich Park