Tea, Coffee And More – CUPPOW On The Go

Sometimes good design is all about striking the right balance when converting an idea into something substantial. Who would have thought that a nudge by your (not-so-nagging) wife would lead to the biggest creative genius in recent times! I’m talking about the story behind CUPPOW and the thought behind turning the everyday canning jar into a travel mug.

CUPPOW [ Buy it Here ]

There is something alluring about recycling a glass bottle. I remember reusing an inkbottle to carry juice to school, however I had to give up because the glass wasn’t a food-grade safe and I couldn’t explain the blue stain on my tongue to my mother. I guess this is why the CUPPOW has found a space in most homes, at some point we all did try and use glass jars but were seriously unsuccessful because of the lack of refinements and vision.

P.S. This also validates the Dieter Rams principle that good design needs to be simple!

As the designer duo Joshua Resnikoff and Aaron Panone articulate it, ‘the canning jar makes an awesome platform for a travel mug: it’s easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable, and when sealed it doesn’t leak.’ And to plug the problem of their large openings and drinking-spills, the eco-friendly plastic lid does its bit. Made in the USA, phthalate and BPA free, CUPPOW is recyclable, and it doesn’t break the bank!

Currently there are several variations available: The Original Cuppow Wide, The Original Cuppow Wide – Orange, The Original Cuppow Regular with Straw-Tek and The Original Cuppow Regular with Straw-Tek – Blue.

Essentially, all you need to do is place the CUPPOW on the canning jar, screw on the lid securely and you are ready to go! Just remember, 5 CUPPOWS that are in colors are all paired with charitable initiatives that receive 5% of the profit from those products.