Don’t Miss: IDSA’s 2013 District Design Conferences!

What do Design, Revitalizing, New Paradigms, Color, Ecosystems, Entrepreneurs and April 2013 have in common? Very simple, IDSA’s 2013 District Design Conferences! This spring IDSA will explore the changing landscape of design from 5 different angles at 5 District Design Conferences held across the US between April 5 and April 19 and you simply HAVE to be a part of at least one of them.

Getting design right is the key for a successful business and Design Thinking is equally beneficial. Here is a great opportunity for you to explore how design is changing to meet expanding demands and take advantage of new opportunities, network and share ideas with colleagues, business professionals, design educators and students.

Mark your calendars, save the date and get prepared to be blown away with the 5 District Design Conferences! More info here.

We love what IDSA is doing for the design community across America and the globe. I have put together some of the remarkable IDEA Gold Award Winning Projects for you to browse through. These were the 2012 winners; currently the 2013 entries are undergoing jury scrutiny and pretty soon Yanko Design will be announcing the winners to you. Stay tuned.

IDSA Conferences: More Info Here