World Design Rankings


Listen up architects, designers, artists and the likes … WDR has announced the World Design Rankings! Covering the fields of Arts, Architecture and Design, and consolidating the performances of the creative brigade, apparently the United States leads the way and ranks first amongst the 83 represented countries in 2015 with 249 Design Awards won globally. Others in the top-tier include Italy, England, Japan, Brazil, China, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong and Turkey.

The World Design Rankings consolidates the data and insights collected and showcase it to economists and journalists and defining the state-of-art in design industry. The ultimate aim is to highlight good design.

New to the list are countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Swaziland, Qatar and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Details for World Design Rankings can be viewed here.

To give you a peek, here are some winners from the recent past.

Air Clarity by Chang-Yu Pan


Bike Break Electric Trike Mobile Kiosk by Chiara Minì


Apito Bluetooth Sound by Mula Preta Design


Vosled LED-filament Light Bulb by Martin Enenkel


Proton Olive Oil – Olive Oil Bottle by Dimitris Lazaridis


Registration Deadline: 28th February, 2016