Collaborate… or Don’t!

Designer Seth Moczydlowski had students in mind when designing the Synthesis Collaborative Desk, but there is serious potential here for creative agencies and design firms to want this in their office. Each desk stands alone or fits snugly in a group of 5 when it’s time for group work. The blend of wood and vibrant colors create an interesting visual contrast that also defines individual space when working together. Stackable, durable, and lightweight, they’re a great solution in any creative environment.

Designer: Seth Moczydlowski


  • stephenie moczydlowskj says:

    Awesome! A thoughtful and creative learning space for children

  • lorenzof says:

    My bachelor thesis was the same idea, but also allowes to save space since the tables are made of cardboard, designed to be fold and store (thickness when folded about 20mm)

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