Customizing The Camera Options

Equinox brings to life a new way of customizing cameras. Until now, different CCD parts were used repeatedly, every time we bought different cameras. With the EQUINOX we have a square Corepart with CCD and a lens mount. This aspect allows you can change parts on your own, transforming your gadget from a small compact to Professional high-end camera.

Users varying from general to professional photographers are able to function with ease. Depending on purpose, it can be suitable for journalists and wildlife photographers and there are adapters for indoor shot. Nowadays with advanced technology, Photograph and image software can take control of all processes of a camera in the Studio without the need of a camera body. To sum it up, all we need now with EQUINOX are CCD, lens and a cable adapter.

Designers: Dae jin Ahn & Chun hyun Park