Superfy Your Senses

Introducing… the future! The Eidos concept consists of two experimental products that let you fine-tune your sight and hearing to experience visuals and sound like never before. Essentially, the devices enhance what our bodies already do and the applications are endless – athletes can use it to hone in on their physical technique, musicians can perfect their sound, or spectators can view live performances like ballet with previously invisible/inaudible details. Incroyable!

Eidos Audio lets us hear speech more selectively. It neutralizes distracting background noise and then amplifies the speech you choose. Unlike conventional headphones that have two channels, Eidos Audio has three: left, right, and a central mouth piece that uses the principle of bone conduction. This creates the unique experience of hearing someone speak right inside your head.

Eidos Vision enhances the way we see motion, achieving a similar effect to long exposure photography for live experience. By detecting and overlaying movement, it allows us to see traces and patterns hidden to the naked eye.

Designers: Tim Bouckley, Millie Clive-Smith, Mi Eun Kim, & Yuta Sugawara