Happy Sleep To You


Now I don’t mean to freak yo out but every illness, ailment has its roots in a lack of proper sleep. A disturbed sleep increases mental stress, decreases immunity, and that opens up the gates for a barrage of diseases. While most of us have adapted to our bodies not getting a good kind of sleep (longer sleep isn’t necessarily better sleep), for some, sleep monitoring is a necessity. The Pear Sleep Assistant as a device has to be one of the smallest and most theoretically sound sleep monitors out there. While most sleep monitors are just apps integrated into your smartwatch that base their data solely on your pulse, the Pear fits directly into your ear, giving it the ability to track body movements, breathing, brain waves, and even temperature along with your pulse rate. Also, another feature by virtue of clever design, is the fact that these provide sound isolation because they fit in your ears. This greatly enhances the quality of your sleep by cutting out any unnecessary outside noise.

Harnessing the power of IoT, the Pear comes along with an app that records, assimilates, and documents sleep data in a manner that any layman can understand. It also advises you on how to get better, fitful sleep by suggesting sleeping and waking timings. The Pear works brilliantly without the phone too. It can be controlled via touch providing necessary controls like switching on or off, snoozing, etc. This Thanksgiving, be thankful for a good night’s rest!

The Pear is a Red Dot Best of the Best award recipient for the year 2015.

Designer: Yang Zhaoyi & Huang Yuling.