The Future Has Just Been Delivered


The future of postal delivery is here and now – a sentence I didn’t envision myself ever saying so proudly. Alas, you heard it here first folks, the future is here, and it’s in the form of the Deutsche Post – PostBOT. Designed to follow the postal deliverer, PostBOT handles a significant portion of the heavy lifting involved in transporting the cargo itself. This French designed bot is jammed full of sensors, helping the little guy navigate its way through the environment, whatever it may throw at it. That being said, the deliverer will also have access to the driving elements of this BOT, enabling them to switch between a manual and automatic mode whenever they please. Hard to miss, this delivery assistant is large enough to carry up to six letter trays and, due to the on-brand color scheme, the PostBOT will be catching eyes no matter how far or near it is.

Designers: Felix Stark of formstark for Effidence & Deutsche Post