This customizable laptop discards the old design, letting you change keyboards, ports & even graphic card

While I’m perfectly happy with my MacBook devices over the years, I know there are people who would prefer a much more customizable laptop for their various needs. There are some computers that you can customize and build yourself, but for laptops, the options out there are fewer. So for those who would like to have laptops that fit their needs and requirements, modular devices are pretty much welcome. And this computer hardware company is bringing one to your table.

Designer: Framework

Framework Laptop 16 is a modular laptop that you can customize according to the specifications that you need for your work or school needs. You will be able to switch out and replace parts like keyboards, number pads, etc. It has a “fully reconfigurable input deck” as well as “modular, upgradeable graphics”. The input modules come in small, medium, or large sizes. The small one has mostly color customization but can also add LED matrix and haptic sliders. The medium module can customize numeric pads, secondary displays, and macro pads. Large modules are also able to have several backlit keyboards and an RGB backlit version as well.

The laptop also has an Expansion Bay system so you’ll be able upgrade your Graphics Modules if you need something with higher storage. You can also choose where you will place your USB ports, charging ports, HDMI card readers, or 3.5mm headphone jack. In the future, there will also be a Framework Marketplace so that third party module makers can participate in the customizable ecosystem. But even now, they are already open-sourcing the designs specifically the documentation for the three systems: Input Modules, Expansion Bay Modules, and Expansion Cards.

The Framework Laptop 16 is made especially for gamers, developers, creators, or just people who would like a customizable mobile device. Pre-orders will start this spring and customers can expect it to start shipping later this year. Hopefully, it is also easy enough to assemble even if you don’t have much experience in putting together a laptop. The video makes it seem like it’s easy but of course reality can sometimes be different.