A New Way to Store and Carry Paper

Even in our digital age, there are still a handful of people, including architects & engineers, who use paper on the daily. The Duo paper storage solution aims to make transporting & storing sheets a direct, safe, & quick process opposed to the existing cylindrical tubes which often damage the paper during use. The design divides the inner hollow of the cylinder in two parts, utilizing the center with an additional cylinder for storing unused sheets while preserving drafts & documents in the outer cylinder.

Designer: Hrishikesh Kogje


  • Hazeltons says:

    What an interesting idea. The scroll has been reinvented! A good way to store important documents so they don’t get lost in the clutter.

  • dsda says:

    lol , useless. a simple tube for paper will do…

  • still_alive says:

    The designer’s not done all the hard work for nothing
    Please re-read the whole thing properly and then make your judgement

  • upamanyu says:

    excellent idea. lovely simplicity to it:)

  • dsda says:

    i did. overly designed for a inexisting problem. sometimes simple is better and cheaper.

  • AV says:

    Overly designed for an inexisting problem?
    hmmm… i wonder why the others are appreciating it then

    Design is not always about making things cheaper. Dyson would’nt have invented the bladeless fan if he was looking to make a fan cheaper. We would all be fanning our sweaty heads with magazines right now, if it was all about ‘making it cheaper’

  • Christopher says:

    So how do you flatten the paper after bing rolled up?

  • dsda says:

    i dont see much people , i see a circle that likes each other designs as a way to create a positive impression. All i am saying as an architect i would never buy it , and i think i know paper tubes. I would not buy it because its function , its extra function to store unused paper is useless, it would make paper bend a lot. It also looks heavy and flasy

  • Kay says:

    I agree with dsda. Not to mention I’m not crazy about its design, this seems over-designed. Sometimes simple design is better, especially it’s for simple purpose like this.. (carrying roll of paper around…) Having unnecessarily complicated parts just causes more problem.

  • insurance says:

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