Hair is a Sustainable Material

Wait WHAT? Cue GaGa’s monsters in 3, 2, 1… because these are for real. It’s a collection of fashionable eyewear exploring the potential of human hair. The UK beauty industry imports 15 million pounds worth of human hair a year. Human hair has been reimagined as a viable and renewable material. Hair Glasses comprises of human hair with bioresin as a binding agent, the frames are 100% biodegradable and no harmful substances are released during production.

Designer: Studio Swine


  • Aliza says:

    A little gross- no?

  • Ray says:

    It’s merely hair. And it has been processed so much that it’s unrecognizable. I see no reason to find it gross.

  • Kinny Fear says:

    Oh wow, I would snatch these right up!

  • WZhang says:

    Stylish designs and the material is unexpected. I love the fact that the frames are biodegradable too. Very awesome.

  • Ahmed says:

    grose,why not animals like horses or any synthetic material,you might be using the hair of underaged girl from india who is being forced by parents to sell her hair cheap for a silly design it is slavery not a cool design.

  • mr.mind says:

    Cool idea:) But not new. During WW2 the german fachists used a human hair (and other human components) to produce some useful things.

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