Takes In Any Size Baby!

The Twist is a very cool pencil sharpner that takes in any size pencil. The different diameter-sized pencils fit in comfortably thanks to the spring steel body that adjusts to the form. It negates the need for a dedicated sharpener or the need to buy multiple sharpeners to suit your pencils.

The form is simple – bent spring steel with two blades. The spring steel allows the sharpener to expand to suit thicker pencils, and to regain its original form after use. The two blades allow the user to rotate the pencil in either direction. In this way, it suits both right-handed and left-handed people. The slit facilitates the easy removal of any broken leads, which generally tend to get stuck inside sharpeners.

The Twist is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Abhishek Anupam


  • Anuj JN says:

    Its really a cool design and attempt sto solve a everyday issue among kids / parents. Way to go!Where are you based Abhishek, the designer of this cool gig..?

  • abhishek anupam says:

    Thanks anuj..I saw twist featured on yanko deisgn today and your comment too..
    I am based in Bangalore,INDIA.

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