There’s something special about this watch

The Ressence slogan reads “Beyond Hands”, and does so for a reason. Look at the Type 2 watch and you’ll notice it’s a traditional watch but has no hands! The hands are painted onto the curved face of the watch, which itself rotates, thanks to its fragmented design. A complete pleasure to watch, the Ressence Type 2 comes with a hypnotic domed face that is said to have the curvature of a tennis ball. The face comes with a domed glass above it that almost feels like it isn’t there. Once your eyes move away from the unusual design of the watch dial, you also notice that it’s missing a signature crown. This is because the Type 2 features an E-Crown, allowing it to automatically synchronize with your smartphone to give you the correct time, every time, without the hassle of calibration.

Flip the watch over and you have a manual dial built into the back, allowing you to tune/calibrate your watch, need be. The watch knows when it’s being worn and goes into sleep mode when taken off. Just double tap it and it will immediately recalibrate and give you the correct time with its patented dial dancing to your time-reading needs. I honestly could watch this forever…

Designer: Benoît Mintiens of Ressence Watches