Mercedes-Benz EQ inspired touchscreen cleaner deserves a mouse reincarnation

Admit it – the first time you laid eyes on this gadget, your instinctive reaction was – what a mouse! That’s what I thought when I came across the Screenger created by product designer Merve Nur Sökmen and industrial designer Saner Ozturkler for their client Marsch, which at first glance, did bring a mouse to my mind! But in reality, it is a digital screen cleaner for your car. Yes, I should have given you the spoiler alert!

Bearing the Mercedes-Benz branding, the cool deep blue accents look so automotive from the outset. So much effort for designing something as simple as a touchscreen cleaner is a novelty – making the cleaning experience so much appealing for the sheer bewitchery of the gadget you are holding in your hand. Screenger is explicitly designed for the Mercedes-Benz EQ series touchscreen. The electric Benz EQ is the inspiration, as you can see in the iconic grille design at the front of the cleaner.

The ergonomic build of the touchscreen cleaner adapts the EV’s desirable shape seamlessly. The car’s accents and color tones are evident in the power button of the luxury cleaning accessory. Cleaning rollers are well concealed from view to keep anybody from guessing Screenger’s actual utility. And if Mercedes is hearing, do create a cool-looking mouse like this, and take my money!

Designer: Merve Nur Sökmen and Saner Ozturkler for Marsch