A Bentley 6 in 1 limited-edition stroller that grows with your child!

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Bentley stroller trike is “Woah! This baby is going to have some serious swag!” and unlike other strollers that have a short life span, this one transforms into a pedal-powered bike so the baby can continue having some serious swag. The Bentley stroller trike is an innovative 6-1 model that was created in collaboration with Posh Baby and Kids.

This limited-edition bike is from the Bentley centennial collection and there are only 570 units. Just like the Continental GT, the bike has twin-spoke rims and cross-stitched seats. It also has eco-leather touchpoints complemented with matte black details and gold stitching. What makes this bike special is that it grows with your child when they outgrow the stroller it turns into a wonderful bike to get some fun exercise with! Keeping in mind how fast babies can grow, the bike can seamlessly accommodate them from eight months to four years, while encouraging balance and safety with a five-point harness, safety guard, non-slip pedals and footrest, and even a parent control handle.

I am just imagining a toddler roll out in slow motion on the streets in one of these bikes and put on the baby sunglasses while pedaling away. What a sight!

Designer: Bentley