Sleep Tight My Love

Just a pillow to lay my head to rest on, ah if only life were that simple! Sometimes we need to indulge in hoodwinking practices to rest our minds and body, fool them with external forces. The Pillow’s Degree Celsius falls prime into this category. It’s got heating, massager, aroma dispenser and solar charging options. All for the benefit of a good night’s sleep! Counting sheep and meditation be damned!

Designer: Yuan-Hao Hsu

Pillow’s Degree Celsius by Yuan-Hao Hsu




  • Student aid says:

    Very Very Nice posting of bed.

  • Lawrance says:

    Smart pillow. I want to buy it! When I can not sleep at night.

  • Vasil Mitevski says:

    Super.I want to buy some.How much

    • Shelly H says:

      YES, where can these be purchased, can’t find online, is it concept model online?

      • TAIWAN says:

        It is a concept right now. I ever saw this concept at 2008 Lite on award in Taiwan. I wish it could be produce to real product.

  • ... says:

    WOW sleeping on the huge battery??every single day?
    Imagine how this product could damage one’s brain. You should have considered about electromagnetic wave.

  • Dorothy says:

    i want this~!! But where to buy~?Online or what? and the price~!?

  • Dorothy says:

    i want this~!! But where to buy~?Online or what? and the price~!?

  • Electrical Engineer says:

    … It’s idiots like you that ruin innovative products’ reputations. I am a 15-year practicing Electrical Engineer and I can tell you that sleeping on a battery will not damage your brain.

    I can sort of understand why people think that transmitting devices such as cell phones could damage your body but that is also wrong. The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that those use is well out of the range of ionizing radiation that can actually cause harm.

    I don’t get why you would think that a battery will magically cause brain damage. If being in close contact with a battery for extended periods of time had any damaging effects on the body then most people in first and second world countries would have problems in their hands/hips or wherever they keep their cell phones.

    Also, if there was some sort of damaging radiation that was emitted from the electronics in this device (again, very unlikely no matter how poorly the electrical design was implemented) they could incorporate shielding into the design to protect people.

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