Stay Cool, Breathe Clean


Wind Ball presents new innovations in air circulation, cooling, and purification for the home. It’s elegant, wand-shape is ideal for 360° oscillation. Built-in smart sensor tech keeps users informed about their air quality, notifying them when it’s time to put the purifier in action.

Inside, it’s equipped with a powerful turbo fan motor and HEPA filter. In the air purification mode, dusty air flows through the HEPA so particles and impurities are removed to release clean air. In air-cooling mode, the HEPA filter automatically raises up from the inner body. Then, the fan can be used for cool air circulation.

Absolutely deviating from the way air filters/coolers are supposed to look, the Windball takes on an aesthetic that’s synonymous with the rotating chimney caps we see on most building terraces. Just that the Windball gives the functional rotating object a brilliant aesthetic makeover, allowing it to become a sculptural element in your home!

Designers: Zhang Xuefei, Liu Zhizhao, & Pang Yapeng