Get a Grip

Any bicycle enthusiast will tell you that the comfort of the rider’s hands is paramount for a pleasant and safe ride. The X-ing grip focuses in on this key part of the bike, adapting to the shape of the rider’s hand over time and providing heat or cooling depending on the season. Purposefully placed grooves increase ventilation in the summer to reduce slipperiness cause by sweaty hands. In the winter, an internal “hot-wire” is solar charged and warms the grips to keep hands from numbing. Genius!

Designers: Jin Won Heo, Sung Jin Lim, Kyung Han Yoon, & Da Som Kim


  • Adam Malone says:

    No bike enthusiast bikes in the winter without gloves, so I’m not sure about heated grips… Also, to get the clearance of the mesh to give a breeze during the summer means that the grips would have to be considerably larger than the diameter of normal handlebars, and that’s fairly large and could be uncomfortable.

  • Some hardcore ones do, Adam. The ones who care not about freezing hands, lol. I’ve known a couple crazies like that.

  • Andrea says:

    We’re specifically looking for heated grips. Does this product not exist yet? This kind of design is exactly what we’d want to implement both ergonomically and aesthetically. I’ve been furiously scanning the internet for these.

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