Imagine having an all-powerful third eye


Cameras are much more of a necessity today than ever. On most days I talk about how awesome a product is, but today’s about how appropriate it is. Being able to capture video/images, record content, and share it with the world, all this definitely has social networking applications, but lives can be saved with the correct video or photo footage at the correct time. The Perfect Memory Camera is by all means a complete end-to-end solution for capturing media on the go. The camera is a sleek, svelte looking monolithic block that makes it almost a fashion statement, than a technological device. At just 2 inches long it just about fits anywhere, and can be strapped to a necklace, your belt, or even a keychain. It records immaculate video and captures great images at 12mp, and with its six glass lens assembly.

The Perfect Memory comes with a brilliant feature, allowing it to record video continuously, and save what you want, deleting the rest. The minute you want to save a highlight, just double tap the camera and it highlights the pre-recorded footage. This literally means you can record video of an event AFTER the event is over! Imagine being able to record that entire EDM concert without having to hold your phone up and worry about the video getting captured! Most people would be struggling to take their phones out, unlock them, switch the camera, aim, and then shoot, missing the moment 99% of the time! The camera can stream video and images to your phone on demand, allowing you to edit them and share them to social media instantly. Sit back and think of what a life-saver that can be!

The Perfect Memory clearly paves the way for the future of personal cameras. It comes with 128 gigs of space (microSD) and a 1000mAh battery. You can record your entire day in videos, images, or even timelapse. The Perfect Memory comes with the ability to be mounted on rigs of all sorts, making it your Action Camera when you need it to be, and your personal vlogging device/CCTV at other times. Even with its unbelievably pure design, it comes in two classic contemporary color variants – Anodized Silver and Rose Gold. With the Perfect Memory Camera, all you’re required to do is just live in the moment. The Videos and Images will be there where and when you need them. Photograph your live, without having to be the ever-prepared photographer. That way, life will always be candid, and amazing!

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