All-Season Headphones

If you’re prepping to hit the slopes this winter then you’ll probably be including an MP3 player and headphones as part of your regular gear. While music can enhance the experience, the uncomfortableness of extended ear-bud wear can be a real pain which is why lots of helmets now have built in headphones. This innovative helmet design takes things a step further, utilizing a wireless headphone system that can also be easily removed when the snow melts off! One pair for all your favorite activities- genius!

Designer: Bruno Peccoud


  • I love the design of this helmet, the fact that it includes an MP3 player and headphones is an amazing idea that will have a lot of success. My friend practices snowboarding and he loves listening to music while practicing, if I will tell him about the all-season headphones he will surely buy them.

  • I really like the nice and sleek design. Looks modern and trendy. Combined with a good performance, this design can be a real winner.

  • KJ Dana says:

    Well, I can’t really enjoy things without music, and I’m absolutely loving the idea that I would finally be able to go snowboarding with it!
    Thanks for posting, Troy! I’ll have to take a closer look at this.

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