Hand Blown Birdhouse

The Cui birdhouse rejects traditional forms, blending the unorthodox materials of glass and rope to create an eye-catching and functional sanctuary. Each piece is blown by glass experts at New York’s Corning Museum of Glass and assembled by hand individually.

Designer: Adrian Froufe


  • Birds Freedom says:


  • Trina says:

    I love the look of this. I wish there were pictures with a bird’s nest inside.

  • Jimmy C says:

    @Birds Freedom: If you can’t explain why, I’ll just assume you’re taking about yourself.

    It looks nice, but what happens if the glass breaks? Maybe try plastic instead?

  • Rahul S. says:

    There should be at least third rope wrap around to support the glass. I m afraid this thing will slip from the loose grip n get broken!

  • Ludwig Lingg says:

    Where is this beautiful castle in the background? Any idea

  • Bourdd says:

    Amazing shape! i really love the idea!

    I Don’t think is gonna slipe down. It remains me to similar nautical knots.

    The castle seems the castle of the VitraDesign summerworkshops, i think

  • Tino says:

    I really like this desing. Its originality is not in contradition whith their integration into the landscape and is an innovative birdhouse.


  • product tank says:

    The proof of this design is not if we like it, but if birds like it – too that end, glass is not a good material for a bird house, it’s slippery for adult birds to perch on, will not absorb or allow moisture generated by a nesting bird and brood to escape easily and will also not protect/shelter birds from summer heat. Bird boxes are usually built in natural materials to deal with these problems, there is a danger that eggs/young birds not able to fly would overheat in this design, so it’s placement would need to be considered, a shaded corner out of sight, rendering even the aesthetic unneccessary. Buy 1, put it in the garden with a tea light in it. A far better use than as a bird house. Ill considered.

  • vahid says:

    agree. Now if it would have been recycled plastic instead of glass i could see the sense in that.

  • Wing says:

    Good shape, but need to consider what bird real need more than human think?

  • William says:

    Great idea, but I think the design would be even better if it took the style of rope tying from vintage japanese glass floats http://home.comcast.net/~4miller/collectn/germano/collect.jpg

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