Here’s my TV, Deal with it.

People are often perplexed by where to place a TV. Most design-conscious users would prefer to hide it or at least have it blend in with other interior elements unnoticeably which, if overdone, can be an eyesore in itself. One of YD’s favorite designers, Fulden Dehneli, has created RøR – an entirely new way to place your TV and it puts your device on full display.

The minimalistic design is a bare-bones approach to TV mounting. Designed for the SamsungQLED TV Competition, it consists of a weighted structure that elegantly elevates your TV with a simplistic T frame. On the opposite end, a high, single shelf serves as a perfect perch for your favorite plant, picture frame, or lighting solution. It’s an aesthetically acceptable alternative to those TV-hiding-techniques that’s as sculptural as it is beautifully simplistic.

Designer: Fulden Dehneli