Crutch as a lamp held aloft

It would appear that the way to lead with light might soon be by way of crutch – at least that’s how the designers behind the Leader would have it. The full name of these devices is “Leader Outdoor Crutches” and their designers, Cathy Wen and Linxi Lee, have made it clear that there will be no more darkness on the trail as long as they’re at the head of the pack.

Leader Outdoor Crutches aim to not just allow you to make your way through the woods with that extra bit of push up on the stick, but with some much-needed illumination at night as well. Just pop in the lamp and you’ll be headed to your camp site in no time. This invention would certainly save us some stumble time heading up the stairs after some late-night laundry too, mind you – perhaps a home edition is in order!

Designers: Cathy Wen and Linxi Lee


  • Christopher says:

    Nice idea – having shared lights in the dark, this answers a need. I would embed the light in the handle though so you don’t have to carry an extra bit. LEDs are small enough that this shouldn’t be a problem. Then it could be also used in the city as a regular walking stick with the lights on low, or red so people could see you more easily.

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