Rock Paper Matchstick

The Traveler’s Paper Kit is an amazing basic survival kit for travelers where ready tools are available and crafted from a sheet of paper. Folded into a pocket book-style sheet, the kit includes a waste basket, a solar compass (with a northern star chart on the reverse side) for finding north, a position maker (for retracing one’s steps later), a reflective card (that can function as a distress signal), a finger-pressure therapy chart (for alleviating bodily pains through traditional Oriental palm-stimulation methods), a matchstick, and a cup.

Traveler’s Paper Kit is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Jaeyong Lee, Jongwon Baek, Seonju Ryu, Sooji Park & Yeonjung Lee


  • Chris says:

    Fantastic!!! Mark for production and any survivalist will jump at the chance.

  • santi-Jose says:

    Thought it was an awesome concept. The military should put this into production for its solders out there in the field.

  • Rosco says:

    This is a fantastic idea. The Scouts could have their own version.

    There could be personalised or corporate specific versions for National Parks, outdoor events or Outdoor apparel companies.

  • heyladyMR says:

    You MUST produce these! I have so many outdoor oriented friends who would love to have it-they would be great stocking stuffers, scouting awards and quick pick-up items in sporting shops. Congratulations on a brilliant and elegant product!

  • sony wibawa says:

    Its really fantastic ,..

  • lizy says:

    perfect idea

  • Is it for sell please ? It’s awesome !

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