Most Buzzed Designs of September 2012

I completely resonate with Edward Tufte’s philosophy that ‘good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.’ A lot of times what we can’t express in words, because we lack linguistic skills or have communication barriers. At times like this, a simple illustration of our intent is sufficient to express our thoughts, as long as we are crystal clear about them. Here is a look at ten outstanding designs from September that were apparent with their ‘clear thinking made visual’ intent.

10) Light Bird – Solar Lamp by Jang Eun Hyuk

9) PUSHit Toilet Seat Design by Hoe Yeong Jung

8 ) Philou le Caribou – Lighting Decor by Maxime Dubreucq, Vincent Claudepierre, & Benoit Louzaouen

7) The Swing Table by Duffy London

6) Sony Xperia X Concept Phone by Abel Verdezoto

5) Lékué Citrus Spray by Alberto Arza and Joan Rojeski

4) Take Frame Camera by Eunae Ko

3) Cannondale CERV Bike by Priority Designs

2) Kanavos Smartphone Concept by Alexandros Stasinopoulos

1) Slide Chopping Knife by Andreas Kalt