Ooo It’s A Sony!

After ages we get to set our eyes on a Sony concept! Looks like there still some fans out there! What we have today is the Sony Xperia X Concept. It is a high-end phone inspired by the first generation S tablet. The curved shape at the top and supporting internal curves on the sides offer a better grip. The back has a flipstand that opens and supports the phone, especially when you need to navigate the smartphone vertically or viewa panoramic videos.

Features include a screen of 4.6″, mini-HDMI connector, SIM slot, microSD slot, back and front cameras. The Xperia logo on the front works as an illuminator of notifications that adopts a different color for each application.

Designer: Abel Verdezoto


  • Arno says:

    I love this design, the shape makes is look slimmer than it whould actualy be i think. I do wonder what the handfeel of the phone would be, maybe a little unballenced.
    And this WilkinsRuth is realy annoying, I apreciate every opinion but don’t use great site’s like these as free advetisements.

  • Erjon says:

    @YankoDesign, i suggest you make a security field when someone is commenting like those math ones so you can get rid off spams..

  • emm says:

    not so beautiful design ! very very ugly !!!

  • Matthew says:

    I actually like this design, a lot more than Apple products -_- (All the same). Nice use of incorporating a stand into the design, but am I the only one to notice the side measurements seem a little large (11.2cm at the top and 5.5cm at the bottom)…

  • nic9 says:

    I’m not very good at English.

    I think this design is beside the point.
    , Because you do not understand the mass eccentricity of SonyTablet design that would have been based on.
    It also expresses the design like it Makikon design eccentricity of SonyTablet are those born of easy-to-grip.
    This design is so much difficulty possession than that, I have a easy-to-drop shape.
    Please try to imagine having to hand.
    Do you think it is easy to have this design?
    Ease of use is a basic easy-to-grip.

    It is also found that the students of this.
    “It’s A Sony!” Please do not make me laugh.

  • jof says:

    when will this cell get released!?
    its really sexy cool cell

  • jake says:

    this just doesn’t have the quality look in comparison to the iphone.. the materials look plastic-y

  • kleeo says:

    5.5cm thickness?

  • daniel says:

    Buen Diseño

  • Chinko says:

    hmm, so the iphone have quality look just as you thought it should be? Iphone look more plastic like samsung! LOL 😛

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