Smart Pants Kanavos!

According to designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos, Kanavos is a study on smartphone design and it explores the visual interaction between hardware and software. It features a number of vertical and horizontal contrast color stripes and relies on the strong windows interface design. Basically the hardware, the OS and the interface blend and complete each other.

Kanavos removes the “windows” button from the front-lower-centre part of the device and places it to its left and right sides. This is to facilitate the easier access to this function while holding the device.

Designer: Alexandros Stasinopoulos


  • It would be great if this became reality. Maybe a Kickstarter project using sim cards.

  • ajc188 says:

    much better than existing nokia designs!

  • sofia says:

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  • Snow says:

    Veeeery great! Hate all the phones look like iPhone.

  • jules says:

    Well done Alexandros! great job as always.
    Keep it up man!

  • phones says:

    it’s a nice design indeed,,, i love red colors too.,..

  • fat loss says:

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