If You’re Hunting for Home Decor

Look no further! Philou le Caribou is a clever, cruelty-free cardboard trophy deer head with the perfect touch of kitsch for the home or office! It’s a fun piece of decor during the day, but nighttime is when it really shines. A light at the nose produces a large, looming shadow to create a visual oddity that’s sure to be a conversation starter. DIY, flat-pack ready, lightweight, easy to ship, and even easier to put together!

Designers: Maxime Dubreucq, Vincent Claudepierre, & Benoit Louzaouen


  • WilkinsRuth says:

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  • James says:

    The shadow is lovely, and I would highly suggest doing other animals, perhaps in a style that doesn’t come across as quite so menacing in the room. It doesn’t necessarily have to be heads though, a flock of birds, school of fish etc would look really atmospheric. As it stands as a dear’s head, from someone highly opposed to hunting, I would never have this on my wall despite it being card due to what it represents. But that’s just me personally.

  • lomr says:

    That would sure make rooms interesting when you add them.

  • allensua says:


  • Denis says:

    Can i buy it right now ? and where?

  • Alex says:

    Are they aware that it looks like a dear head and not a caribou one?

    Up next, a beaver head named “Bernard the moose”

  • debra says:

    what is the price of the philou le caribou deer head light?

  • Amy Stier says:

    Where can I purchase this and how much? Please send me am email

  • Colton Farmer says:

    I Would Love One Where Can I Get It?

  • Ashley says:

    I would love to have one of these for my husband where can I get one and how much are they

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